As a father, its wonderful to hear your daughter is beautiful.

As a brother, its great to hear your sister is attractive.

As a cousin, its oh so lovely to hear your cousin is a dime.

WHICH ONE OF THESE IS A LIE? ALL OF THEM IF YOU ASK ME! [Well the real lie is the last one, nobody would want to hear their cousin is a dime]

Now let me be fair and say it really is nice to hear you have a beautiful family, its nice to hear something [deep down] you already know. What needs attention is the way it can be said…

Licking your fingers like you are about to dip in some sauce is not a way to tell someone that your relative is attractive! (Oh yes, this really happened)

This is a warning to help everyone be aware of your surroundings and to also have a bit of empathy because I’m sure you wouldn’t like someone to be manifesting vulgar thoughts of your own sister, daughter or cousin (even wife!). There is a way to communicate that won’t offend, don’t be a Pepe Le Pew; a hopeless romantic that means well but comes off like a freak.

Have a nice day now